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Vacuum Brands Ltd promote a large range of commercial and industrial vacuum cleaner brands, makes and models – for general, industry specific and for classified use. Included in this extensive range are vacuums are those suitable for domestic and light commercial work.

Most all industrial heavy duty vacuum cleaners are manufactured in Europe. Major global manufacturers are internationally recognised for brand strength and unreserved quality, (Footnote: European industry – work and play, encompasses a market 400 million people alone). We add a number of mid and small range vacuum cleaners (copy brands) that are made in China. Equal note – Vacuum Brands Ltd extend our own warranties on lower priced budget equipment especially where original and/or importer’s warranties are for discovery or are unclear.

Many industrial vacuum cleaners are industry specific and are classified – rated to comply with dust classes and to meet health and safety regulations and requirements.

Given a plethora of interchangeable tool sets, hoses, filters, accessories, fittings, connections, separators, we can tailor – assemble vacuum cleaners for your needs. Sales, service and supply – we can refurbish or restate your existing vacuums.

Our slogan ‘Simplifying Choice by Knowledge’ ably sums us up. We offer comparisons without favour – shopping in one basket. There may be some brands and options that you have never heard of – all available and all equal. There is a solution that is right for you.

WE COME TO YOU. We have 16 years of in-market experience We are able to demonstrate and prove equipment on site.. If you are out of town – no problem, A conversation, Q & A, logic and reason, internet support and with fast courier support and an action plan – you may as well have been next door!

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