construction cleaning nz

Given the nature of the job, most kiwi construction staff work in dirty, dusty and dangerous environments – but they don’t have to!

New Zealand’s Construction Industry provides lots of jobs – employing around 250,000 people directly and responsible for another 200,000 jobs in ‘construction-related’ occupations.

Thanks to the range of robust and reliable cleaning equipment we have access to, Vacuum Brands can help you or your business operate a clean and safe construction site.


Some popular products in this industry include;

  • Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners for liquid spills or the collection of concrete slurry
  • L/M/H Class Dry Vacuum Cleaners for collection of saw-dust, asbestos, concrete dust, gib or plaster dust and many other misc building materials
  • Sweepers for the collection of dry dust from larger open areas such as car parks and warehouses
  • Water Blasters for washing down equipment, vehicles and buildings

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