The all new Dust Extractors

Durable, compact and quiet.
The new design has a optimized shape and 6 wheels instead of 4 for added stability. At an average 60 DB they are far quieter than most other popular vacuums.

New electronic suction control.
All three models come with a variable suction control. You can adjust the power via a simple and durable switch. The current setting is shown by a readable LED indicator.
Variable suction control saves energy and reduces the noise level to an absolute minimum. The DUSTEX 40 and DUSTEX 55 models have an integrated drain plug.

Powerful heavy-duty motor.
All FEIN dust extractors are designed for heavy-duty, continuous industrial use and employ dual fan turbo cooling to extend motor life. All models can be used wet or dry.

is quiet, powerful and portable. Whether you use it as shop vac or as part of a dust-free sanding system, the DUSTEX 25 is perfect for commercial and domestic use.

The original workhorse of the line. It features 1500 WATTS of power and a greater capacity.

Has a hefty 55 L capacity and even more power for the big jobs. It comes with 36 mm hose and doubles as a clean effi cient workshop dust collector.

FEIN cooling technology
A dual fan motor prevents electrical damage and extends the life of the motor. One fan is sealed and creates suctions to draw in air and debris, filter it and exhaust it. The second fan draws cooling air from outside and across the motor. This technique, typically found only on more expensive vacuums, assures you that the motor will never be starved for cooling air or exposed to dirt grime from the tank, even if the hose and filter are blocked.

Click here to view the FEIN Dustex product catalogue (PDF file).

FEIN MultiMaster

The universal system for interior fitting and renovation

Multi Master power tool is a partner tool for your new vacuum.

As the inventor of the first electric hand drill and as the oldest manufacturer of power tools in the world, FEIN has unique know-how in the power tools industry. FEIN also has 40 years of experience in oscillation technology. This knowledge and our extensive experience is embodied in the FEIN MultiMaster and the tailored accessories.

The unbeatably versatile and completely reliable allrounder is the leading tool for interior fitting and renovation work – no other oscillator can be used in such a wide range of applications.

Innovative and solution-oriented.
Work to continuously further develop and match the FEIN MultiMaster and its accessories to new applications is ongoing. The round backing pad, which was exclusively developed for the FEIN MultiMaster, makes applications such as sanding mediumsized and large surfaces child’s play. It features outstanding sanding capacity, delivers perfect surface results and even allows you to sand near edges without kick-back – which means you don’t even have to use an additional random sander.

Universal suitability.
The oscillating motion of the FEIN MultiMaster, which makes it a truly universal tool, is suited to countless applications that would otherwise require a great deal of effort and time. Its extremely durable transmission and the oscillating motion ensure an outstanding working speed in all applications such as sawing, sanding, cutting, separating, scraping and polishing on virtually all materials.

A perfect match for every need: the FEIN MultiMaster sets.
The FEIN MultiMaster system is perfectly matched to the everyday requirements and needs of its users – with an extensive range of accessories for all professional applications in interior fittings, renovation and repairs. You can choose between four different FEIN MultiMaster sets, which are graded according to their range of accessories and capacity – from a basic programme up to a complete set including dust extraction.

Click here  to view the FEIN Multimaster catalogue (PDF file).