OTTA Floor Scrubbers & Backpacks

OTTA Floor Scrubbers

Being in first in their kind, the Euro-mop, an i-Mop, solves the size issues of traditional floor cleaning systems by combining the ease and dexterity of the flat floor mop with the power and speed of industrial scrubbers and driers Small spaces and inaccessible areas, by necessity, are still being cleaned by swivel mops, rinsing and with waste buckets.

Traditional floor machines are just too awkward, sometimes cumbersome – never flexible, to work in close spaces.

With the advent of Euro-mop, it makes it possible to clean any surface with ease and flexibility;  no boundaries, no squeezes and the ability to power into and under to scrub and clean tight spaces.   We can tackle the big spaces too!

As we claim this machine isn’t just designed for cleaning, it is designed for the cleaner. Cleaners of slight build love it.

One large scrubber drier, one operator,  two Euro-mops, two operators = efficiency.

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Euro iMop Lite

Euro iMop Lite

The imop Lite means fast efficient mechanized cleaning in areas that up until now could only be done by hand. Also its light weight and smaller profile...
Euro iMop XL

Euro iMop XL

The imop XL is a walk behind floor scrubber.


Features & Benefits Power:      1300W Voltage:   220-240V Noise:       55dB Airflow:    48 l/s Capacity:  15 L Height:   ...

OTTA Backpacks

Vacuum Brands are proud to announce our new OTTA Range of Backpack Vacuum Cleaners. We have a model to suit your needs.

Our range consists of:

  • Otta Blackline
  • Otta Blue
  • Otta Personalised
  • Otta Chloe
  • VAX Backpack

Otta Owners Manual

We have provided a copy of our OTTA Owners Manual for you to have a look at.


OTTA steam carpet cleaners come in 20L, 30L and 40L capacity

  • The stainless steel tank is strong and durable.
  • With a powerful low-noise motor the vacuum cleaner producers a very positive and strong suction.
  • It can wet or dry vacuum independently, an ability to clean carpets, rugs, mats, stairs, upholstery, bedding and auto valet that being interiors but wheels and under the hood too.
  • Steaming, washing & drying are all integrated into one machine.
  • The steam at source is 125°, that’s high temperature sterilisation of all surfaces, and the 87psi pressure penetrates nooks and crannies and awkward places.
  • The vacuum cleaner steamer’s accessories are standard fittings for cleaning for machines of this type, for dry applications, use, and environments.