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Whatever welding smoke extraction or fume extraction systems or filter units you need, we can supply. Welding tables and grinding tables as well as extraction tables.  We are happy to advise you regarding extraction for work safety requirements.  We can offer the right solution for every application.

We stock FumeVac, Westvac and Villo welding smoke and fume extractors.

Extended product range:

  • Mobile welding smoke filter units
  • Stationary and central welding smoke filter units
  • General ventilation systems
  • Exhaust arms and fans
  • Extraction and grinding tables
  • Exhaust hoods and cabins
  • Partitioning and sound insulating wall systems
  • Automatic welding shields

Respiratory Protective Equipment – Advice for Employers (pdf by WorkSafe NZ)

Welding and Local Exhaust Ventilation – Information for Employers (pdf by WorkSafe NZ)

More on FumeVac

We specialise in servicing the welding industry by providing top quality welding fume extractor vacuums.  We supply a range of Single Phase and three phase machines: JS, ZD and ZS series extractor vacuums.

FumeVac extraction equipment operates under the source capture principle. This maximizes the protection to workers by removing welding smoke, welding fumes and laboratory fumes before they get into the operators breathing area.

Our smoke and fume extraction systems are reliable, durable and competitively priced.  FumeVac extractor vacuums also meet WorkSafe, Health and Safety standards.

Auto timing – Jet Pulse Cleaning