DR1500H burnisherDR1500H Burnisher

The Viper DR1500H is an ultra high speed burnisher, designed to cover large areas with less maintenance costs.

It is used for long-lasting shine to hard floors or for polishing and maintaining floors in medium-duty applications.

The burnisher is robust, reliable and service friendly. The ergonomic design makes it easy to spray clean hard floors in a good working position for the operator.

  • Large wheels and bumpers bring reliability and robustness to the machine
  • Adjustable folding handle for easy storage

General Specifications

Input Volts 240
Cleaning Width mm 510
Brush/Pad Diameter mm 510
Rated Power Watts 1200
Brush/Pad Speed rpm 1500
Cable Length m 15
Net weight kg 39
Machine Dimensions LxWxH mm 838x533x1206


  • VF52219 Pad Holder Kit
  • VF99024D Burnisher Pad Holder

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  • DR1500H

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DR1500H burnisher

What is the purpose of a floor burnisher?

One of the most notable benefits is that they keep floors clean and shiny, without making them slippery. A floor burnisher is like a buffer that is meant to handle large areas. They leave behind a high shine finish because of the speed at which the buffing pads rotate.

What is the difference between buffing and burnishing a floor?

Burnishing. While floor buffing may refer to both the polishing and residual cleaning of floors, burnishing refers only to polishing the floors at a higher speed to produce maximum shine. … Burnishing is often done after buffing in order to achieve that wet-look shine.

What is the difference between burnishing and polishing?

In general, both burnishing and polishing result in a smooth shine. However, while the two are often used interchangeably, burnishing often refers to a mechanical process, using a mechanical burnisher. Polishing is a more general term and can refer to polishing by hand or by machine.