BLOVAC Air Pumps - A22BLOVAC Air Pumps are used in industry to remove waste material from around working machinery by vacuum recovery or by high powered air blasting.


A22 – Heavy Duty Clean Up & Conveying – No Problem!

Simple, safe and incredibly efficient

BLOVAC Air Pumps - A22BLOVAC Air Pumps are used in industry to remove waste material from around working machinery by vacuum recovery or by high powered air blasting.  Using a unique spiral exhaust air flow principle, the BLOVAC AP22 gives greater vertical and horizontal conveying distances.

Unlike conventional air movers, BLOVAC Air Pumps develop high air moving capabilities from a minimum air input.The smooth bore non-contaminate BLOVAC system ensures no residue contamination from previoulsy conveyed products and is ideal in the food and pharmaceutical industries.  The BLOVAC AP22 is also resistant to most chemicals as it is made from Nylon 6.

BLOVAC Air Pumps - A22Being air-powered means no electrical breakdowns or maintenance costs and makes wet vacuuming completely safe.

Vacuum Cleaning

When in a fixed position, the BLOVAC AP22 can safely vacuum away:

  • Metal chips from milling machines and drills
  • Bread crumbs from slicing machines
  • Residue, coffee, tea and soap power from filling machines
  • Paper and textile trimmings from cutting machines
  • Liquid or water residue from sumps or machinery

BLOVAC Air Pumps - A22Material Conveying & Hopper Loading

BLOVAC Air Pumps can convey with ease:

  • Plastic granules
  • Vitamin tablets
  • Pop rivets, screws, nuts and bolts
  • Torch battery caps and bottle caps
  • Tooth brushes

Blowing Off For Cleaning

BLOVAC Air Pumps - A22BLOVAC AP22 can be used in the ‘blower’ mode for:

  • Displacing water from drink cans prior to date coding
  • Blow clean machine tools such as lathes, drilling machines, milling machines, power saws etc.


Ideally designed for all industrial cleaning, cooling, blow cleaning. and product conveying

AP38 (38mm bore), AP50 (50mm bore) and AP75 (75mm bore)

Simple, Safe & Incredibly Efficient

BLOVAC Air Pumps AP38 AP50 AP75BLOVAC Air Pumps are designed to convey a vast range of products vertically or horizontally over extreme distances.

Due to their unique design, BLOVAC Air Pumps use two air flow principles, Venturi and Vortex. Compressed air entering an internal chamber is condensed and fired through several Venturi holes. These holes are angled in such a way as to create a Vortex principle, thus creating a vacuum.  Due to the angle of the Venturi jets, air is exhausted in a spiral form enabling material to be conveyed via smooth bore house or pipe downstream.

BLOVAC Air Pumps can be placed in line to continue the energy system over extreme distances.  A large number of Australian manufacturers use BLOVAC Air Pumps for conveying such items as:

  • Pharmaceutical Powders
  • Plastic Pellets
  • Grains
  • Fumes
  • Broken Glass
  • Food Products
  • Metal Objects
  • Paper & Textile Trimmings
  • Coins
  • Coil Springs

BLOVAC Air Pumps AP38 AP50 AP75Versatile

BLOVAC Air Pumps are suitable for:

Cooling.  In blow mode, Air Pumps can be used to provide cooling for a number of industrial and manufacturing processes.  they can also be used to aid combustion.

Quality Control. In the vacuum mode, Air Pumps can be used for vacuuming up underweight products and conveying them to a capture tank.

Air Blasting. BLOVAC Air Pumps used in the blow mode can be used to quickly blow down machinery or structures to remove dust fall out.

Efficiency By Design

If you use compressed air, BLOVAC has the equipment that can cut costs by increasing your air efficiency.  Cleaning, cooling, material handling, conveying, fume removal, combustion enhancement, weight sorting and poisonous residue removal are some of the many applications of compressed air which can be made more efficient by using BLOVAC products. If you have a manufacturing problem consult us.  Our team may be able to suggest a simple air-powered solution.

Special Systems

We understand that it sometimes takes a non-standard product to solve a special problem.  If you need a product for a special application, just let us know.  We frequently customise our equipment to meet special needs.  BLOVAC has a range of products beyond what is represented on this web page.

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