Santoemma has developed specific products ranges which represent the best solution in the following business fields:

CARPET Professional Cleaning
UPHOLSTERY Professional Cleaning & CAR WASH Interior Cleaning
FOOD Processing Area Cleaning
RESTROOM Cleaning and Sanitising program
EVELINE The system for complete cleaning and sanitizing of 100-200sqm furnished areas


Santoemma, located in Milan (Italy), has been manufacturing professional cleaning machines since 1980.  Their products are sold worldwide through networks of qualified dealers like Vacuum Brands Limited in New Zealand.

These machines have been designed to be efficient, reliable and long lasting working tools.

The current product range is the result of a continual development  strategy aimed at improving the existing machines and developing new models, suitable for solving specific cleaning problems.

Customer feedback:

  • Quality and strength of the machines
  • Simplicity of maintenance
  • Punctuality of delivery
  • Speed in providing spare parts and their low cost
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