DORITE Mobile Leaf and Litter Vacuum/Mulcher/Chip

Shipping Information:

  • Shipping weight: 75 kg
  • Shipping volume: 1 m3

Product Features:

– Petrol engine: 7hp, 4-stroke.
– Collection bag: 136L.
– Chipping capacity: 50mm branch.
– Self-propelled.
– Six blade armour plated steel fan.
– Simple to handle four latch bag system.
– Collapsable hose system.
– Dimensions (LWH): 1700x730x1280mm.

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Turbo Vac

Outdoor Turbo Vac vacuum sweepers for leaves and litter which lies around cities, shopping malls, schools, parks, motels and at home.

Three models available:

Turbo Vac 600
Turbo Vac 770
Turbo Vac 1200


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Turbo Vac 770 overview video: