Gutter Vacuums / High Reach Poles

Vacuum Brands are proud to stock and supply the two leading industry product ranges when it comes to gutter vacuums.

The StarVac range has been introduced to be a little more “Pick & Mix” than the SkyVac ™ vacuum range that is largely targeted as a “Kit” for Gutter Cleaning Contractors!


Vacuum Brands Limited has sourced a range of slightly smaller Italian Vacuum Cleaners (same, same) as the SkyVac machines.   We have sourced also (same, same) Carbon Fibre Reach Poles from (Like Same) manufacturers being identical in dimension, material, and strength.  The point of difference being brand!   That must be!

All guarantees and warranties are the same.

The StarVac Carbon Fibre gutter reach poles measure 1.5 meters in length and are each interlocking as are the SkyVac™ poles.

Click HERE to see the full range of StarVac vacuums, poles and accessories.

StarVac Vacuums, Poles & Accessories


In 2003, Spinaclean developed the brand SkyVac — a ground-breaking product that makes high level cleaning safe, efficient and economical. The bespoke and specially modified system is the leading selling product of its kind and today is the world’s most powerful free-standing gutter cleaning machine.

SkyVac Vacuums, Poles & Accessories

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