The Kerstar range of industrial vacuum cleaning equipment has been produced in their UK manufacturing facilities in Northampton since 1959.

They produce a wide range of standard and specialist vacuum cleaning equipment suitable for use in many varied applications and industries. Whatever your requirements are you can be sure that the Kerstar range of products are unsurpassed for their quality, performance and durability.

Max CD

The Kerstar Max CD light industrial vacuum cleaner is fully injection moulded and equipped with a detachable cover to reveal a handy onboard tool storage facility to locate the accessories when not in use.

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ATEX Approved Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Compressed Air Vacuum Cleaners – ATEX Approved – Category 2 & 3

Kerstar enjoys the reputation of being the market leader for portable compressed air powered vacuum cleaners in Europe.
An extensive range of machines from the hand held KAV2 (- Gas Zone 2 and Dust Zone 22) up to a capacity of 45 litres.  The machines are available in 3 categories, Dry, Wet & Dry and Type H.

The KAV 15 – KAV 45 in all variants are suitable for use in Gas Zone 1 & Dust Zone 21 and are referred to as Category 2 products under the ATEX Directive.

The unique features across all of the products are fully conductive accessory kit, stainless steel canisters mounted on a stainless steel caddy fitted with conductive braked castors & wheels.

Each machine is issued with an earth path continuity certificate and where applicable the Type H versions include a filtration test certificate.

Electric Vacuum Cleaners – ATEX Approved – Category 3

The Kerstar range of KEVA vacuum cleaners has been purposely designed, built, tested and approved as suitable to pick up potentially explosive and conductive dust and debris in a Dust zone 22. The Type H models are also suitable for picking up dust and debris that is hazardous to health in a Dust zone 22. All models are built using an electronically commutated brushless motor featuring soft start and thermal protection. Each model in the range is equipped with three stages of filtration on the negative pressure (suction) side of the motor. Every model is supplied ready for use with a fitted plug, comprehensive instruction book and a full conductive toolkit.

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Type H-Class Industrial Cleaners

Type H-Class vacuum cleaners are a specialty of Kerstar and have been purposely designed and built to meet the needs of users to safely and effectively pick up hazardous dusts and debris including asbestos, finely divided silica, carcinogens and highly active pharmaceutical products.  Capacities vary from 8-50 litres and all models incorporate Kerstar’s own multi-stage direct airflow motor, which can be used, depending on model in 1000w or 2000w combinations.

The smaller models are supplied with a comprehensive set of 32mm accessories suitable for either hand use or for cleaning larger floor areas.  The larger machines will accept not only the 32mm accessories but also the larger 38mm accessories which offer an excellent choice of attachments.

All Type H-Class machines are designed, built and finally tested and certified in our own in-house test facility ensuring consistent high quality associated will all Kerstar products.  Each model is issued with a filtration test certificate and are certified to have a filtration efficiency in excess of 99.995% at 0.6 microns.

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