Red Bag - microlon filter gownsRed Bags are used as a primary filter in commercial, industrial and certainly back pack vacuum cleaners.  They protect the vacuum’s “comes with” dust liner and more importantly its hepa and/or cartridge filter.

Dust and/or debris being collected in this manner allows your vacuum cleaner to be operated bag less.  A huge cost saving in the life of your vacuum.


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Red filter liners for canister vacuum cleaners

Red filter liners for canister vacuum cleanersMost commercial vacuum cleaners come equipped with a thick polyester filter to block debris from entering the motor. This filter must be cleaned regularly. The task is not easy as it involves dismantling the filter cage and removing the fabric filter for washing and drying – usually off-site.

This Microlon Bag provides an ultra fine barrier (micro stitched) to protect synthetic and natural fibre vacuum cleaner filters from the fine dust and debris that will eventually permeate and choke the filter thereby reducing vacuum suction!

Red filter liners for canister vacuum cleanersThe Red Bag encases the regular filter unit to become the primary filter. It can be easily removed and either flicked or shaken clean. (if you are in the fine dust industry how much time do you waste cleaning and maintaining vacuum filters)?

There are considerable savings in time and filter replacement costs and motor life is prolonged by reducing load and work (over heating).

With the use of a Filter Gown, commercial disposable vacuum bags (expensive) become optional. (This option is not recommended when soiling is excessive and/or logic or health considerations dictate otherwise).

Red filter liners for canister vacuum cleaners

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Red filter liners for PacVac & Øtta vacuum cleaners

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Red filter liners for PacVac vacuum cleanersNew ‘Back Pack’ vacuum cleaners come ready equipped with a permanent cloth filter bag. This bag (the primary filter) collects the waste, dust and debris. It is emptied as required. Naturally and quite quickly this bag/filter unit becomes soiled and therefore by degrees loses it’s ability to breathe.

New replacement filters with their rubber sealing ring are available as a spare part.

Solution: Xtracta Filter Protectors provide a cost effective liner/barrier to the vacuum cleaner’s “comes with” filter! There are two sorts available:

  • The Grey (international filter fabric) liner is multi-washable and saves the cost of replacing the more expensive vacuum standard filter. It can be used singularly but more usually overlapping with the issued filter as a liner.


  • The Red “Microlon Micro Stitched” Filter gown is simply to line the conventional filter. All dust and debris is collected by this barrier which can then be easily removed and “shaken clean”- the Teflon effect!! Use it time and time again. If necessary wash it. You never need to spend money on consumables again !!!

Note: Both of these barriers allow a miniscule amount of ultra fine to pass to the second and third filter. Filters breathe. They allow air to pass through!

Both of these products provide a cost effective solution in maintaining the suction and performance of your cleaner. In larger sizes they have been used in commercial vacuum cleaners since 2002 – prolonging the life of these machines and their motors.

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Red filter liners for PacVac Thrift

When we increase the capacity of the Thrift Back Pack (XXL version) to six litres utilising the illustrated ‘green’ open dust bag, we can allow the vacuum to be operated bag-less with the addition of the ‘Thrift’ Red Bag – an option.

Red-Bag-for-thrift sleeve.jpg