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BV1100NA – BackPack Vacuum

  • Efficient
  • Reliable
  • Durable Backpack
  • Low Maintenance
  • Double Insulation
  • Weight distributed over hips, not shoulders
  • Molded bumpers to protect walls and fittings from damage or marking through contact

Ideal for cleaning commercial properties, theaters, stairs and in tight spaces.




GD5 – BackPack Vacuum

Quality design to lower the cost of cleaning.

There are many things that should be present in a good backpack vacuum cleaner. It should be light in weight, with even weight distribution, and the noise level must be as low as possible.The Nilfisk GD 5/GD 10 backpack vacuums surpass all criteria, making fast productive cleaning at a price that won’t bust your budget.

  • Low sound level for operator comfort and cleaning in noise sensitive areas
  • Good filtration with HEPA filter option
  • Suitable for left or right handed
  • 15 metre detachable cable with safety release saves time
  • User friendly vacuum cleaner and a harness that is ergonomically designed reduces fatigue
  • Available as battery version for greater freedom to clean just about anywhere
  • User friendly battery pack means greater productivity through less use of energy
  • Fully recyclable components used for reduced ecological impact

VP300 – HEPA / ECO Dry Vacuum

As part of Nilfisk’s continuous work to support environmental protection, the VP300 HEPA uses completely recyclable components.

VP300 HEPA is the latest member of the VP300 series of basic commercial vacuum cleaners, suitable for everyday cleaning of light to medium duty applications such as offices, hotel rooms, retail stores, etc.

  • Certified HEPA filter
  • Orange detachable cord for safety and easy maintenance
  • Best in class filling capacity, which means less time spent changing dust bags
  • 10L container with 8L dustbag
  • Weighs just 5.3 kg* making it easy to move from place to place
  • Low sound pressure level of just 50 dB(A) makes this vacuum suitable for daytime cleaning
  • Secure accessory and power cord storage and rear mounted tool parking

VP600 – Energy Saving Dry Vacuum

The Nilfisk VP600 offers a wide range of features to choose from and you can find exactly the variant that fits your specific cleaning job.

Choose the cord solution that suits you and enjoy the user friendly design with smart parking of accessories for better ergonomics.

The dual speed function and low sound level makes the machine ideal for daytime cleaning in hotels, restaurants, offices and institutions. HEPA filter is standard to ensure a clean work environment.

The Nilfisk VP600 has a modular design allowing flexibility to choose exactly what you need and makes the machine easy to maintain and service for years to come. When a cord is worn out or damaged, it can easily be replaced by a new cord module in no time, providing your business with a machine that need never be out of service.

  • 350/800 w fan unit with an A rated Energy Labelling Power boost function for optimized power consumption and cleaning performance
  • HEPA exhaust filter as standard
  • New magnetic closing of dust compartment securing high reliability
  • Available with standard cord, detachable cord or cord rewind
  • Best in class sound quality

GD930S2 – Dry Vacuum

The quiet efficiency of the GD 930 S2 allows it to be used during working hours

GD930 and GD930 S2 is a world class dry vacuum cleaner for effective daily cleaning of large areas. GD930 is the reliable, rugged and stable choice for demanding cleaning applications in hotels, schools, offices and hospitals. Multi Layer Filter efficiently captures microscopically small particles and prevents them from being exhausted back into the atmosphere.

  • Heavy duty construction with steel container
  • 15 litre dust bag
  • The 2 speed system on GD930
  • S2 brings the sound level down to 44 dB(A)
  • Multi layer filter
  • High cleaning performance

VU500 – Upright Vacuum

VU500 delivers exceptional cleaning performance in an easy to use, easy to maintain upright vacuum that is designed to withstand stringent environmental requirements.

Automatic, self-adjusting brush height ensures proper cleaning performance and maximum productivity especially when cleaning medium and low cut carpets.

The Nilfisk VU500 delivers exceptional cleaning performance in an easy to use, easy to maintain upright vacuum that is designed to withstand stringent environmental requirements.

Automatic, self-adjusting brush height ensures proper cleaning performance and maximum productivity when cleaning different floor surfaces.

  • Quick release cord clip
  • Detachable power cable removal for quick service
  • Tools-free brush removal
  • Non-marking, tear resistant bumper
  • Convenient handle for lifting
  • Standard certified H13 HEPA filter
  • Available in two sizes 300mm (12″), 380mm (15″)

GU700A – Large Area Vacuum

64cm wide path cleaned in one pass. Automatic machine cut-off when squeeze trigger is released.

GU700A is an optimal upright solution for daily vacuum cleaning of large carpet areas. This heavy-duty machine makes operations easy and efficient.  Highly productive, cleans up to 700m2 per hour, ideal for conference venues.

  • 64 cm cleaning path
  • 2 vacuum motors ensuring a high vacuuming performance 1 brush motor
  • 8 Brush height positions for effective cleaning of all carpet types
  • Built in hose and tube for hard to reach areas
  • Easy access to all components for simple servicing

VL500 – Wet & Dry Vacuum

The VL500 series of wet and dry vacuum cleaners is offering performance and reliability that ensure low total cost of ownership and at the same time has features making daily cleaning tasks easier, faster and safer.

VL500 is ideally suited for hotels, contract cleaners, education, exhibition and conference centers as well as public buildings, manufacturing and industrial applications. A failsafe filter design makes operation easy due to the ability to have individual wet and dry filters working simultaneously. Each filter is specific for either a wet or dry application ensuring maximum performance. With the special dual filtration system, Nilfisk VL500 can be used in whatever environment, wet or dry, without the need to change filters. The unique design and features of VL500 is developed in partnership with Nilfisk customers. The VL500 is available in different configurations and various container sizes; 35 and 75 liter.

Key features VL500-35

  • Easy changing of filters with a hinged motor head to protect the machine and speed up the process
  • The dual filtration system allows the machine to clean both wet and dry applications without the need to change filter
  • Multi fit hose connector, stainless steel tube
  • Accessory storage
  • Nozzle parking

Key features VL500-75

  • Quick release adjustable push handle for easy and ergonomic maneuvering of the machine
  • Emptying the container without having to remove the motor head makes operation fast and easy without risk of damage to critical components
  • By transferring the weight as you lift the container, the Nilfisk Ergo Tipping system enables you to empty a completely filled container of fluid without excessive effort
  • Easy changing of filters with the hinged motor head protects the machines and speeds up the process
  • The VL500 can be used in both wet or dry applications without the need to change filters
  • Optional Pump Kit available

GM80B – Lightweight Dry Vacuum

The Nilfisk GM80B is a lightweight in the heavyweight professional arena.

Vacuum cleaner for users needing great suction power and ease of use. That is the Nilfisk-CFM GM80B.

  • Hepa or Ulpa absolte filter version
  • Silent
  • 10 meter cable
  • 9 liters container capacity
  • Trolley mounted for easy portability
  • Aluminium construction for durability
  • Lightweight, only 5 kg
  • GM80PR model available with Steel Reinforced Rubber Hose

VHS42 30L Dust Class M/H – Industrial

The VHS 42 M/H dust extractor series sets a new standard for design and feature level of the Nilfisk wet & dry vacuum portfolio. With innovative filtration system, improved performance, robust design and dust class M/H certification, this range represents a superior solution for professional customers looking for a reliable machine to protect workers health and safety. VHS 42 M/H comes with more suction power, sealed dust system, automatic filter cleaning and several other user benefits – designed to meet the tough requirements in building & constructions and other industries when picking up hazardous dust.

VHS 42 M/H offers a remarkable productivity thanks to the semi-automatic Push&Clean™ or automatic filter cleaning system InfiniClean™. The InfiniClean™ system ensures continuously cleaning of the filter during operation using a reversed air-flow pulse, keeping suction performance on a high level. Downtime is reduced significantly, as the container can be filled up without filter maintenance. To minimize dust exposure during disposal several dust bag options are available to match the specific need in the hazardous dust application. Also the washable PFTE long-life filter and the dual HEPA filter option minimizes maintenance and reduces the overall service cost. A flow sensor with combined acoustic and LED warning monitors the filter and air flow to secure performance and filtration on the highest and most safe level.

Easy handling and user-friendliness – also when it comes to transportation from one working site to another – are other valuable features for the VHS 42 M/H dust extractor. All models offer flexible storage solutions for tools and accessories, so everything you need is at hand.

  • InfiniClean™ – Automatic filter cleaning system with minimized performance loss
  • PTFE long-life filter with non-stick membrane and minimum 99,9% filtration efficiency
  • Push&Clean™ – Semi-automatic filter cleaning system on selected models
  • Dust class M and H certification including Asbestos
  • Unique dual filter solution available for H-class/HEPA – including 3-stage filtration
  • Flow sensor with combined acoustic and LED warning
  • Robust container with steel castors and bumper
  • MultiFit accessory system for the ultimate in task flexibility
  • Flexible rubber straps, tool box storage and optional trolley handle for convenient storage and transport
  • Optional motor cooling filter, exhaust air collector and Long-Life filter bag
  • 40L model VHS42 40L also available

IVB 7 Series – Dust class M/H – Industrial Wet & Dry Safety Vacuum

The IVB 5 and IVB 7 M/H is equipped with the XtremeClean system which clean your filter automatically while you work. With IVB 7 you also get features like 70 l stainless steel container, robust steel frame and tilt or lift-off container emptying.

IVB 5 and IVB 7 M/H is the solution for the even more demanding customers with a higher frequency of cleaning. IVB 5/7 will solve all major tasks in your company – workshop, garage, production etc. Additionally this health & safety variant complies with all current requirements of the new European standard. The IVB 5/7 series is equipped with the XtremeClean system which allows automatic cleaning of the filter cartridge while vacuuming on full suction performance. The XtremeClean technology blasts the dirt off the filter and the suction performance is always high. The M class version is equipped with washable M-Class PET Fleece filter element – Easy and economical maintenance.

  • Safety vacuum cleaner for dustclass M or H
  • XtremeClean filter cleaning system. The XtremeClean technology blasts the dirt off the filter to keep the suction performance high
  • SoftStart. A gentle motor startup keeps the starting current low. For easy starting on limited electrical systems
  • Auto On/Off. In combination with powered tools the machine starts and stops automatically when you start or stop the power tool
  • Speed governor. To reduce suction performance and noise level and to prevent that the power tool sticks to the working surface
  • IVB 7, Tilt or LiftOut container

VHS110 Z22 – Explosion Proof Vacuum

The single phase industrial vacuum cleaner for use in Atex Z22 locations.

Introducing the world first Third Party Certified Single Phase ATEX Z22 industrial vacuum !

The VHS110 Z22 is the innovative single phase industrial vacuum cleaner suitable for Atex Z22 locations. Thanks to the brushless motor, this machine ensures high performance. Moreover it needs less maintenance and is suitable for continuous use.

The innovative PullClean system effectively cleans the antistatic star filter while the vacuum is running, without the need to stop working.

The optional HEPA14/ULPA15 upstream filter is the perfect choice when collecting fine dusts. The modular design makes it extremely easy to service and upgrade in the field.

With its 400 mm diameter​ the VHS110 ATEX is a compact in order to be easily used everywhere, but has a good capacity thanks to its 37 litre removable container. The simple design makes it easy to clean and sanitise.

  • Single Phase Atex Z22
  • High performance
  • HEPA14/ULPA15 absolute filtration for very fine dust
  • 37L stainless steel removable container
  • Stainless steel version
  • Compact dimensions
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to service

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