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The automatic filter cleaning in our all-purpose vacuum cleaner lets you work without interruption and with its automatic switch-on feature it makes the perfect partner for our power tools. As certificated safety vacuum cleaners, our machines are approved for L, M and H class hazardous dusts, and are naturally also perfectly suited for general cleaning around construction sites.

  • A coordinated Metabo system consisting of power tools and a suction device guarantees higher efficiency and reliability.
  • Dust extraction protects the lungs and reduces the risk of respiratory diseases.
  • Reduced cleaning expense with less dust on the construction site and satisfied customers frequently lead to a rise in recommendation rates.
  • Practical storage areas for both accessories and tools.
  • Power socket for power tools with automatic start/shutdown of the vacuum.
  • Stable and easy to move thanks to the castors with locking brakes and large wheels.
  • Automatic “AutoCleanPlus” filter cleaning for permanently high suction performance.

Featured Machines

MetaboMetabo 1200 Watt All-Purpose Vacuum Cleaners ASA 32 L

Metabo 1,400 Watt All-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner 35 L ACP with Electromagnetic Shaking and Automatic Power-on with Measurement of Pressure Differentials

Metabo 1400 Watt All-Purpose Vacuum Cleaners ASR 50 M SC with Electromagnetic Shaking and Automatic Power-on

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