PowerShot PS3395

3300psi, 9.5L/min Petrol Water Blaster

The PS3395 has been manufactured with you in mind. Featuring the heavy duty SH265 heavy duty Kohler engine combined with the latest Powerboost technology for Serious cleaning performance guaranteed.

With 3300psi at your disposal alongside the AAA brass head axial pump, this machine will see you through all your domestic and light commercial cleaning tasks.

  • Kohler SH265 SH Series Engine with low oil protection
  • 3300psi 9.5L/min  Cleaning Power!
  • AAA Cougar® Series triplex pump
  • Heavy gauge professional chassis
  • 10” Pneumatic tyres
  • 3/8 8m Super tough high-pressure monster hose
  • Pro-style spray gun & wand with QC nozzles
  • 3/8 8m Super tough high-pressure monster hose
  • A downstream detergent injection system for convenient use of detergents.
  • Made in U.S.A

PowerShot PS3000HD

6.5HP Honda, 3000psi Water Blaster

The PS3000HD takes you to the next level, with the Honda GX200 Premier Series Commercial Grade Engine. The Honda Premier GX200 is specially optimised to provide maximum performances levels for the unique power demands of industrial pressure washing. Couple the best industrial engine with the ultimate in high-pressure cleaning pumps, the brass head CAT unit, and the PS3000HD is the perfect match for your serious cleaning requirements.

  • Premier series Honda GX200 OHV industrial engine with 3-year commercial warranty
  • Industrial cat pump with a brass pump head
  • Heavy gauge aircraft grade aluminium frame with 10” pneumatic wheels for super portability
  • Dial-n-Wash handgun to adjust pressure from 1000 – 3000psi on the go
  • 15m x 3/8” super duty abrasion resistant steel braided ‘monster hose’
  • 5 x Quick Connect nozzles including a detergent nozzle
  • Convenient onboard accessory storage.
  • Made in U.S.A

PowerShot PS4200HD

13HP Honda 4200psi Water Blaster

The PS4200HD is the ultimate pressure washing machine for the serious professional who appreciates high-end quality performance and reliability.

At the heart of this super tough machine is the Honda Premier Series GX390 Engine. This proven performer is optimised for the unique power demands of serious pressure washing and is the perfect match to the heavy duty CAT pump. The CAT Industrial Triplex Pump is respected by the industry as being the ‘best in the business’, and includes forged brass pump head, ceramic pistons, thermal relief system to ensure a lifetime of high performance and trouble-free running. The tough aircraft grade aluminium frame provides a super durable yet lightweight solutions, and includes large 13″ pneumatic wheels for ease of passage over any site.

  • Premier Series Honda GX390 OHV industrial engine with 3-year Commercial Warranty
  • Industrial CAT Pump with a brass pump head
  • Heavy gauge aircraft grade aluminium frame with 13” pneumatic wheels for superb portability
  • Dial-n-Wash handgun to adjust pressure from 1000 – 3000PSI on the go
  • 15m x 3/8” Super Duty abrasion resistant steel braided ‘Monster Hose’
  • 5 x Quick Connect nozzles including a detergent nozzle
  • Convenient onboard accessory storage
  • Made in U.S.A

The PowerShot PS3395, PS3000HD and PS4200HD machines are equipped standard with the market-leading heavy duty monster hose. This premium hose features revolutionary dual braid technology, which is constructed from steel braided over polyester and protected by a super durable polyurethane outer jacket. This means that as well as being kink-fee and non-marking, it is almost bulletproof and designed to outlast other hoses by up to 5 times! As with all the accessories on the PowerShot range, we have only chosen the best, and the Monster Hose is no exception!

The accessories are also specified to the highest standards, with the super tough 15m ‘Monster Hose’ and the ‘Dial-n-Wash’ pressure adjustable handgun giving super-breach and precision performance across all varieties of cleaning tasks.

What is Dial-N-Wash? Exclusive to Powershot, Dial-N-Wash is a compact pressure regulator you can use on the go. Almost hidden in the lance, this awesome feature is designed to adjust the water flow and pressure in seconds. Giving you control and saving you costly damage in delicate operations.