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Otta VP509


The new V509 is the latest product in our OTTA range offering an office or studio vacuum cleaner.


  • Power:      1300W        

  • Voltage:   220-240V

  • Noise:       55dB

  • Airflow:    48 l/s

  • Capacity:  15 L

  • Height:     51.5cm

  • Accessories:   38mm

  • Cable:       5m

  • Carton:    51x43x52 cm

  • Branding:   STUDIO


Otta Blackline

Otta Blackline Otta Blackline is a Kiwi coordindated backpack vacuum cleaner that is the basic vacuum for which variations and configurations can be constructed.  


GD930S2 – Dry Vacuum

The quiet efficiency of the GD 930 S2 allows it to be used during working hours

GD930 and GD930 S2 is a world class dry vacuum cleaner for effective daily cleaning of large areas. GD930 is the reliable, rugged and stable choice for demanding cleaning applications in hotels, schools, offices and hospitals. Multi Layer Filter efficiently captures microscopically small particles and prevents them from being exhausted back into the atmosphere.

  • Heavy duty construction with steel container

  • 15 litre dust bag

  • The 2 speed system on GD930

  • S2 brings the sound level down to 44 dB(A)

  • Multi layer filter

  • High cleaning performance

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