Founded in 1937, the Kerrick range specialises in commercial and industrial cleaning equipment including; vacuum cleaners, extractors, water blasters, drain cleaners, sewer cameras, high pressure pumps and accessories.

Kerrick also custom designs and creates solutions to meet customer needs.

Yes Play 202 Compact Commercial Dry Vac

Compact, efficient, operator friendly and easy to maintain…there’s a reason Kerrick’s Yes Play 202 hospitality vacuum cleaner is a hot favourite in the market place.

The powerful 1300 watt motor is mounted above its 17 litre high impact PVC tank to give the unit greater suction and more efficient air flow.

Economically priced, this commercial grade vacuum cleaner features a compact design, quiet 60dB(A) operation, easy waste tank emptying and cloth Sanifilters to help protect your staff from nasty microbes.

This vacuum cleaner is ideal for use in hotels, motels, offices and schools. It’s also picked up a cult following in the domestic market. Get your quote today!

Roky 103 Dry Vacuum Cleaner

The Roky 103 is a heavy duty vacuum cleaner designed for use in the commercial and hire industries.

This high performance commercial vacuum cleaner has a powerful motor mounted above its 19 litre high impact PVC tank to give the unit greater suction and more efficient air flow. Features also include a high impact tank, follow me wheels, a hose with swivel to allow easy movement and variable suction control.

Clean up and maintenance is easy with this commercial vacuum cleaner as it’s been designed with the operator in mind.

Manufactured in Italy, this vac provides great value for money over its lifetime. If you’re looking for a reliable machine that won’t let you down, the Roky 103 is the vacuum cleaner for you.

Roky 115 Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Keenly priced the Roky 115 is a worthy investment as evidenced by the fact it has been Kerrick‘s number one selling wet dry vacuum cleaner of all time!

The Roky 115 wet and dry vacuum cleaner is a mid-sized, high suction machine that picks up both wet and dry waste.

Its robust reliable nature, coupled with its user-friendly system makes this vacuum cleaner popular highly popular with automotive details, workshops and schools.

Features include; strong suction, a swivel end cuff for easy movement, a high impact corrosion resistant tank, quiet operation and an anti-bacterial cloth Sanifilter.

303PL Heavy Duty Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

The 303PL Heavy Duty Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner is a good solid commercial and industrial wet/dry vacuum cleaner.

With its 38-litre heavy duty PHD tank and powerful by-pass motor, this unit is designed to function across a number of applications.

Ideal for the construction industry this heavy duty wet and dry vac works well with wet concrete grinding and picking up the likes of slurry and swarf.

This vacuum cleaner comes complete with a full range of 38mm wet and dry tooling.

Hepa filtration is also available.

Euro 423PL Wet & Dry Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaner

The Euro 423PL is a hot favourite with the hire and construction industries due to its rugged and reliable nature. Built to European standards this wet and dry heavy duty vacuum cleaner comes with twin 1400 watt motors that have an impressive water lift of 2,400mm.

Ideal for picking up both dry waste and liquids, this is an extremely versatile vacuum cleaner that can handle the tough jogs.

Features include a high impact, shockproof tank, market handle and bigger rear wheels for easy manoeuvring and industrial tooling and accessories.

The 90-litre tank allows large amounts of waste to be picked up without having to continually stop and empty the tank.

The 423PL wet dry vac provides great value for money and is well worth considering if you’re looking for a heavy duty all-rounder.

Also available as Pump-Out model + 423PL – SUB: Pump-Out Heavy Duty Wet Vacuum Cleaner:

The Pump-Out is a unique wet vacuum cleaner that picks up wastewater and automatically drains it to an external sump pit. With a discharge rate of 167 l/min this wet vac is it ideal for clearing flooded areas, emptying sumps, ponds and troughs and generally picking up large volumes of liquids.

Popular with firefighters as well as the hire, plumbing and agricultural industries this wet vacuum cleaner provides a quick and easy solution to what has traditionally been a laborious and difficult task.

Features of this great vacuum cleaner include a submerged pump, an ultra-shockproof plastic tank resistant to mildly acidic substances, convenient drain hose, market handle and large rear wheels that allow easy movement on site.

MEC 623 Wet & Dry Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaner

The MEC 623 is a heavy-duty wet dry vacuum cleaner that’s designed to perform across a range of industries and applications. With a convenient tip trolley, corrosion resistant stainless steel tank and powerful twin motors, this is a practical vacuum cleaner that’s easy to use and easy to maintain.

Ideal for picking up items like dirt, sand, swarf, oils and water this heavy duty vacuum cleaner provides a convenient way of dealing with spills and other difficult cleaning jobs around the workplace, saving you time and money.

Find out more about the MEC 623 by contacting the Vacuum Brands team today.

Optional Extras:

  • Paper bags (VP02875)
  • Hepa cartridge filter
  • A longer length of hose available
  • Wet/dry outriggers designed for large area cleaning

Euro 440PL Wet & Dry Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaner

Separating the men from the boys the Euro 440PL kicks wet and dry vacuuming up a notch. Equipped with three heavy-duty motors (with a whopping air flow of 10,500 l/min), a large 107-litre shockproof high impact tank and practical tip trolley there’s no doubt this machine is designed for hard work.

Manufactured in Italy the Euro 440PL heavy duty vacuum cleaner with its steel tip trolley, large 250mm rear solid wheels and heavy-duty front casters works well across various heavy duty applications like those found in the demolition and construction, commercial farming, plumbing and hire industries.

Having three motors allows extra long hose lengths to be used without any major reductions in suction, whilst providing the operator with a wider range of movement.

Other features include Sanifilters for dry work, convenient cable hook and industrial 38mm tools and accessories.

If you’re looking for a serious wet and dry vacuum – this is it…

Lava – Multi-Purpose Cleaner

The Lava is one of the most versatile shampoo machines in the Kerrick range – a genuine 4 in 1 machine.

It is a dry vac, a wet vac, an upholstery extractor and a carpet extractor.

The Lava comes complete with a dry filter bag and dry vacuuming tools, wet floor squeegee, upholstery tool and carpet drag tool.

The Lava should be used with a good quality carpet cleaning chemical – Kerrick K50-5L.

Designed for domestic and light commercial use.

Clip Carpet Shampoo & Upholstery Cleaner

The Clip is one of the most versatile machines in the Kerrick range – a genuine 4 in 1 machine.

It is a dry vac, a wet vac, an upholstery cleaner and a carpet shampooer.

The Clip comes complete with a dry filter bag and dry vacuuming tools, wet floor squeegee, upholstery tool and carpet drag tool.

The Clip carpet shampooer should be used with a good quality carpet cleaning chemical – Kerrick Brydet.

It is designed for commercial use particularly in the automotive car detailing industry and the hospitality industry.

California Drop – Carpet Extractor

Watch just how easily the Garage Car Detailer a (shampoo machine/extractor) removes dried in greasy stains from a light tan coloured carpet. The combination of shampoo injection with a vacuum extraction means that while the carpet is being shampooed excess liquids are being removed allowing for quicker drying times.

This extractor has large capacity chemical and waste tanks, meaning the operator isn’t constantly emptying/filling the tanks. Emptying the waste tank is also made easier for the operator with a drain hose. The California/Drop has been widely used by automotive detailers, contract carpet cleaners,  and also in the hospitality industry. The video speaks for itself in explaining why this has been such a popular unit over the years.

Sabrina Carpet Cleaner

The Sabrina is an extremely compact carpet shampooer and spot cleaner.

Designed to commercially clean carpet it is ideal for offices, homes, hospitality and catering facilities.

The Sabrina is a true ‘carpet spotter,’ with a dry weight of only 12kgs it easily transported from site to site by both male and female operators.

The highly compact nature of the Sabrina makes it easy for this professional shampoo extractor to be stored in very confined spaces.

The Sabrina is one of Kerrick’s most popular carpet and upholstery extractors.

Key Features:

  • High impact plastic tanks 14-litre solution and 14-litre waste
  • Tanks separate for transport
  • Metal Floor Tool
  • Ability to easily view wastewater levels
  • Mounted on four caster wheels
  • Pump pressure 60 psi
  • 1500 watt two stage vac motor

Sabrina Maxi Carpet Cleaner

The Sabrina Maxi is a compact mid-sized carpet shampooer and upholstery cleaner.

Using the injection-extraction system this unit shampoos carpet and then extracts excess liquid in a single pass of an area.

This system both cleans deeply and allows for quicker drying times.

The Sabrina Maxi is designed to be easily dismantled into a two piece unit for easy handling.

This carpet shampooer is ideally suited to the professional cleaning industry for cleaning areas such as offices, homes, hospitality and catering facilities.

Key Features:

  • Midsize
  • High impact plastic tanks 30-litre solution and 30-litre waste
  • Tanks separate for transport
  • Drain Hose
  • Metal Floor Tool
  • Ability to easily view wastewater levels
  • Mounted on four heavy duty caster wheels
  • Pump pressure 135 psi

Grace Carpet Cleaner

The Grace is a portable shampoo machine that easily separates into two components for transport, designed to clean large carpeted areas.
It is ideal for larger floor areas in offices, hotels, healthcare facilities, hire companies and contract cleaning companies.
Easily used in one man operations (Jim’s Cleaning / Electrodry), where portability is paramount eg blocks of flats/units.
The Grace is not only a carpet cleaner but an upholstery extractor too.

The unit comes complete with an upholstery tool for doing lounges/chairs and the long 7.5 m vacuum hose gives the unit added flexibility

Key Features:

  • Twin vac motors 2 x 1500 watt max 3 stage
  • Tanks separate for transport
  • Metal carpet tool
  • 7.5-metre hose assembly
  • 38 mm accessories
  • 70-litre solution tank, 70-litre recovery tank
  • 135 psi pump
  • Drain hose

Elite Silent Carpet Cleaner

The Elite Silent is a self-contained, walk behind professional carpet cleaner.

Designed to clean large areas of carpet it shampoos and dries a 50cm path with its built-in rotating brush and squeegee.

It also has a modular design that allows its tanks to be separated for transport.

It’s ultra quiet nature makes it ideal for the commercial grade cleaning of offices, hotels, schools, aged care and healthcare facilities.

Note: The instant heating unit, one of the accessories for this product, is a system that allows dirty textiles and carpets to be cleaned with hot water immediately after the machine is turned on. Allowing operators to quickly cut through greasy, dirty build ups leaving behind a professional clean.
Key Features:

  • Tanks separate for transport
  • Quiet 60dbA Operation
  • Adjustable brush pressure
  • Adjustable water flow
  • Cleaning width 500mm (720mm on hard floors)
  • Pressure: 9 bar (130.5 psi)

White R Hospital H-13 (H-Class) Vacuum Cleaner

Specialized for cleanrooms, hospitals and where critical filtration is needed. It has four levels of filtration and retains up to 98% of supposed exhausted dust particles.


• 4-stage High Filtration.
• Silent Cleaning Operations.
• Anti-noise rubber wheels.

Wet Vacuum Cleaner

WET is a vacuum cleaner that eliminates the use of a filter bag. Using water, it prevents the emission of pollutants produced by regular vacuum cleaners. It doubles as an air purifier. Made in Italy.



•Filter bag-free

•No emission of pollutants

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