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Blovac wondergun

The Product Range That Saves You Time And Money… Air Powered Vacuum / Blow Systems

  • Low Cost

  • No Moving Parts

  • Low Air Consumption

  • Blow or Vacuum

  • Only Low Pressure Ejected

  • Hand Held and Fixed Options

  • Wide Range of Accessories

  • Gun Nylon 6 with Safety Trigger Stainless Steel – 38 – 50 – 75mm

  • Air Throughput Increases by 7 Times

  • 1001 Uses

Every Production Plant produces waste material, both wet and dry. The Blovac range with its accessories has been developed for the collection of waste and small parts produced by many industrial processes – economically and safely.

The exceptional efficiency of these products is due to its design incorporating a scientifically developed series of angled jets creating a spiral vortex which produces a very efficient venturi effect. This arrangement results in –

  • Maintenance Free Systems

  • Greater Power and Efficiency

  • Less Air Consumption

  • Longer Conveying Distances

  • No Stalling When Air Supply is Disrupted

  • Ease of Extending Duct Run by Adding Extra Units


APPLICATIONS – Collection and Conveying of (Hand Held or Fixed):

  • Food Products

  • Pharmaceutical Powders

  • Plastic Pellets

  • Grains

  • Dusts

  • Crumbs

  • Sawdust

  • Tea

  • Chips

  • Coil Springs

  • Pills

  • Granules

  • Filings

  • Swarf

  • Grinding Dust

  • Metal Objects

  • Coins

  • Fumes

  • Broken Glass

  • Paper Trimmings


The Blovac rapidly removes metal swarf and chips from machine beds and floors. Waste can be collected in the dust bag or conveyed via a hose into a bin or drum. Tough body in Nylon 6 Resists abrasion.

Connected to any air supply of 60 psi/8 cfm – or more, Blovac becomes a highly effective vacuum or blow-gun. Its unique venturi/vortex action will multiply the input many times, and prevents any risk of stalling when re-starting a laden gun. With no moving parts except a fail-safe on/off trigger control, and constructed in hard-wearing Nylon 6, it is highly durable and virtually maintenance free.

Dual Action

Converting between blow or suction mode takes just a few moments. Simply unscrew the hose adaptor from the exhaust outlet, turn the venturi tube around and re-fit.


Blovac’s 22mm diameter nozzle and high volume throughput enables it to tackle virtually any cleaning job in the factory or workshop. Oil resistant, chemically inert and electrically safe, it will clean up solid waste, dust and liquid spills.

Deep HoIe Gun

A special version designed for removing chips from blind holes up to 450mm deep.

A plastic probe jets high pressure air into the hole to dislodge particles – which are safely sucked away by the main nozzle. Nozzle is shrouded to prevent particles escaping and causing injury. To avoid risk of injury, the gun must only be used with either the dust bag or conveying hose attached.


Use to remove swarf and metal chips, sawdust, GRP and ceramic dust, bread crumbs and food particles, grain or seeds, windscreen glass, textile and paper waste – the list is virtually endless.

Waste or recovered material can be collected in the dust bag or conveyed via the outlet hose into any suitable container – such as a vented fluid drum.


In the blow mode Blovac’s powerful air blast will clear dust from car bodies or furniture prior to spraying or finishing, or provide highly effective cooling.


Blovac’s high power and swirling venturi action enables it to convey granular or powdered material rapidly over long distances.

Using the smooth bore hose, polymer chips can be lifted up to 8M to feed an overhead hopper or carried up to 16M horizontally – at a rate of around 3.5 kilos per minute. Where water is present in the air supply, the installation of a moisture filter is strongly recommended.



Zeph-AIR pneumatic (venturi) vacuum cleaners

Product code: VBV V500

  1. A compact and lightweight industrial vacuum cleaner which works on compressed air.

  2. Capable of cleaning off water, oil, and bottom sludge as well as dust and metal chippings.

  3. It will even vacuum explosive materials as long as the machine is properly grounded from electrical current.

  4. Designed to permit the use of an ordinary pail can with an outside diameter of 300mm to collect the dust and waste.

  5. Supplied with a pail can, 2 meters of oil resistant hose, and an oil stopper which automatically stops suction when the receiver becomes full

  6. Can be operated with Aro 380 or Aro 210 Interchangeable Push-Type quick connect couplings



Recommended air supply pressure

Approximate air consumption


Hose size

Suction nozzle

Air inlet connection

Air consumption at 5 kgf/cm2

Vacuum (in water column) at 5 kgf/cm2

Suction capacity at 5 kgf/cm2



7 kg/cm2 or 100 psi

14 cfm or 400 litres/min

5 HP

32mm diameter x 2 m (oil resisting)

32mm diameter/w 14mm 2 types available

Quick-connect coupling PM-20

400 ltr/min

3000 mm

2 M3

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