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Commercial Gutter Vacuums

Vacuum Brands offer a range of Commercial Gutter Vacuum Cleaners. Our main brand is SkyVac suitable for domestic and commercial applications.

Contact us for more information about any of our brands or vacuum cleaners.


Commercial SkyVac 75 (Wet & Dry)

240v Domestic & Commercial Gutter Vacuums System


Suitable for: Commercial and Domestic Gutter Cleaning


Wet or Dry application


Key Features


With the combination of high suction lift and fast airflow, the SkyVac 75 is a very effective and lightweight gutter cleaning machine.

2 Industrial Strength Vacuum Motors giving huge suction power of 100 inches of Water Lift

  • New side glide entrance eliminating time consuming blockages associated with front entrance machines

  • Tipping Chassis for easy emptying

  • Lightweight, very tough construction



Industrial SkyVac 85 (Wet & Dry)

The Worlds Most Powerful Mains Powered Free Standing Gutter Cleaning Machine


Suitable for: Industrial and Domestic Gutter Cleaning, Wet or Dry application

Wet or Dry application


Key Features

  • Package now includes Vac Release Elite Pole – the quickest and safest way to release grass turfs and dirt from the end of your suction pole.

  • 3 industrial strength vacuum motors giving huge suction power of 150 inches of water lift (most 3 motor vacuum will give 90″ water lift).

  • New side glide entrance eliminating time consuming blockages associated with front entrance machines

  • Unique PowerMix feature gives 50% more suction lift power than it’s nearest rival

  • All terrain steel chassis with stainless steel container

  • Tipping chassis

  • Multi-Purpose washable cartridge filter

  • Locking front castors


Included as Standard in each kit

  • SkyVac 85 Industrial wet & dry vacuum

  • 6x carbon fibre poles each 1.5 metres long (50mm diameter)

  • 6 metres of flexi pick up hose (50mm inside diameter)

  • 2x blue silicone bends

  • Crevice tool

  • Soft daily tool for aluminium gutters

  • Dirt breaker

  • Tapered end tool narrow

  • Long reach tool

  • Pole and accessory carrying bag



Vacuum specification

  • Vacuum 150″ water lift 374 (MBAR)

  • Air flow movement: 6600 Litres per minute

  • Motor wattage: 2600 (2 motors)

  • Decibel level: 72 dB

  • Container capacity: 78 Litres

  • Mains connection: 240 volt

  • Height: 1080 mm

  • Weight: 36kg

  • Power cable length: 10 metres


Choose the height you wish to reach:

  • 6 metres (20 feet)

  • 9 metres (30 feet)

  • 12 meters (40 feet)


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