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Dyson Vacuum Motors


Our Dyson motors are stocked in Auckland unlike others that need to be imported from Australia. Ours can also be immediately serviced here, should the need arise!

Both Short and Long Shaft motors are 230/240 v 50Hz 1600w Flow Thru – Dry Use.

Both have TOC’s thermal overload cut out sensors.

NOTE: We have sold hundreds of these motors over time and reports say they fit and work perfectly.

However if you have difficulty for any reason, mismatch etc, we will take the motor back and issue you a full refund.  You cannot make a mistake replacing a Dyson motor through us.

Long Shaft: Ht 128mm, Base Ht 45mm, Dia 133mm

DC02   DC03   DC04   DC05

DC07   DC08   DC14   DC17

DC18   DC19   DC20   DC24

DC25   DC33

Short Shaft: HT 108mm, Base Ht 46mm, Dia 133mm

DC05   DC08   DC19   DC20

DC21   DC29

There are YouTube Videos on how to replace DC05, DC07, DC08, DC19 motors.

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