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Dust Removal for the Floor Grinding Industry

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These exciting new and amazingly priced vacuums are new to the New Zealand market.


Twin Chamber, Cyclone (Grinding Dust) Vacuum Cleaner Model Code


  • Motor: 7.5 kW Side-channel (continuous running)
  • Power: 380V, 16 amps
  • Vacuum 350 m/Bar
  • Airflow 530 m3/M
  • Sound 60dBA
  • Capacity 120L
  • Inlet 50mm
  • Dust bags : Longo . . continuous
  • Weight 228 Kg
  • Tool Set 20m hose length, wand set, brush floor tool, maintenance tool box & tools

How it Works:

The dust enters and is cyclonically separated in the first chamber. 95% of the dust is captured here.

Then the vacuum is momentarily switched off the weight of the dust opens the pressure plate at the bottom of the cylinder and the debris drops into the Longo bag.

Continuing .. . the air steam with any residual dust enters the second chamber and is spun (cyclone) again to further reduce it. The then near clean air passes through a giant HEPA filter (see illustration) and is exhausted into the room. It is now 100% clean air. To empty the second chamber a crank handle beneath the chamber raises or lowers the base plate (like the bucket at the well) to allow that chamber to empty into a Longo bag also.

To purge the filter there is a pressure plate on the roof of the second chamber (see photos) Using the handle, release it, open it and reverse air flow back-washes the filter – dropping the dust into the longo bag system when opened.

BUT there is more . . . an Air Compressor is mounted on the side of the vacuum to provide ancillary air pressure to blow down whoever, whatever or for any purpose it is needed.

We are the Master Agents for this and coming single cylinder vacuum units in New Zealand. We have a show room in Penrose, Auckland. Distributors and/or commission agents inquiries are welcome. P.S. Compare this monster with others.




Industrial dust extractor vacuum cleaner


  • Motor: 4kW/7.5 kW Side-channel (continuous running)
  • Power: 380V, 12/22 amps
  • Vacuum 350 m/Bar
  • Sound 74dBA
  • Dist collecting capacity 70L
  • Weight 80 Kg