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Car Wash Interior Cleaning Program

Santoemma CAR Wash Interior Cleaning Program includes several machines and chemicals suitable for cleaning seats, upholstery and inside of cars. Different cleaning systems are available in order to comply with the specific application need and the operators’ cleaning preferences:


Injection-extraction cleaning

A solution of water and chemical is sprayed into the fibers of the textile and immediately sucked.

The solution and the dirt removed are recovered in the machine body.

Injection-extraction cleaning with instant hot water system

In seat and textiles cleaning, the cleaning result can be sensibly improved by using a HOT solution, instead of room temperature solution. Specific tests show that cleaning textiles with just 10°C more can give the same result as cleaning twice. Santoemma instant heating system allows to get hot water immediately after switching the machine on. It is not necessary to wait a long time before the whole solution tank gets warm, as it happens with many “standard” machines on the market. The solution sprayed on the textile surface is hot, for a much better cleaning result.

Foam Extraction cleaning

A special dense foam is sprayed on the textiles and is sucked after some seconds. Dense foam does not penetrate deep inside the textiles, therefore allowing a short drying time: seats can be dry in 20 minutes! In order to obtain the special dense foam, the chemical solution is mixed with compressed air, obtained by a dedicated air compressor. The quality of foam is therefore much better than the “liquid foam” of machines without compressor. Thanks to its optimal density, dense foam penetrates for few millimetres in the superficial layer where the dirt lies. It does not remain only on the surface, as it happens with “dry foam”. Therefore dense foam allows an excellent cleaning result, even without any mechanical brushing action. The manual tool is very light and compact, for cleaning many seats quickly and without effort. Its shape also allows to reach any corner.

HOT Foam Extraction cleaning

This system, patented by Santoemma, uses HOT foam to clean textile surfaces.

Hot foam allows to get excellent cleaning even in situations on extremely dirty textiles and even shorter drying times. Hot Foam is immediately available as the machine is switched on.


When cleaning textiles, the drying time after vacuuming strongly depends on the vacuum strength.

Specially designed high waterlift vacuum motors are equipped on Santoemma machines, allowing to get up to 50% higher waterlift than standard carpet extractors. This results in a half drying time than with normal machines.

Not only the drying time is reduced, but also a better cleaning result is obtained, since the extra solution extracted from fibers contains extra dirt removed from the surface. The same residual dirty solution, if left evaporating on textiles as it normally happens, would leave the surface not so clean as with high waterlift machines.


Cleaning systems and models


Application fields

The machines of Santoemma CAR Wash Interior Cleaning Program can be conveniently used in many places:


Each model can be proposed as the best solution for specific application fields.

SW15 FOAM is the ideal machine for cleaning upholstery with short drying time. It sprays a special dense foam on the surface to be cleaned. After some seconds the dirt is removed by vacuuming foam with the hand tool.

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