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Ghibli dry vacuum cleaners

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Entry model of professional vacuum cleaners. It is a happy combination of power and manoeuvrability, sturdiness and lightness that makes this unit highly competitive.

The use of the polypropylene and a new sound-dampening system, allows the vacuum cleaner to be even more silent. The 1000 watts industrial motor and its remarkable resistance allows the vacuum cleaner to be placed side by side, without any reserve, to the most sophisticated professional equipment. AS2 is provided with cable and accessory holders.

Max power rating :W 1100
Container capacity :l 15
Vacuum :mbar 230
Dim. :mm 390x340x290
Weight :Kg 4,6


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Compact, powerful, economic and manageable model.

Exhaust air filter Possibility to have 2 versions: FT (with polyester filter) and FC (with standard cartridge filter and paper filter bag). Possibility to connect power brush. Equipped with anti-shock bumper

Max power rating :W 1100
Container capacity :l 14
Vacuum :mbar 210
Dim. :mm 350x350x430
Weight :Kg 6


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AS 10

Classic and sturdy, AS 10 is definitely a proven product.

Power brush connection. Hepa cartridge filter and paper filter bag are optional.

Max power rating :W 1150
Container capacity :l 22
Vacuum :mbar 190
Dim. :mm 410x410x560
Weight :Kg 8,8 (P) – 9,4 (I)


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