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Otta Backpack Vacuums


Vacuum Brands are proud to announce our new OTTA Range of Backpack Vacuum Cleaners. We chose the most popular and successful backpack vacuums in the world to include in our own brand - Otta. Vacuums sometimes only differ by name! The Otta brand offers you  performance at a competitive price while providing you with options.


We have a model and specialist toolsets to suit your needs. Our range consists of:

  • Otta Blackline

  • Otta Blue

  • Otta Personalised

  • Otta Chloe

  • VAX Backpack


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Otta VP509


The new V509 is the latest product in our OTTA range offering an office or studio vacuum cleaner.


  • Power:      1300W

  • Voltage:   220-240V

  • Noise:       55dB

  • Airflow:    48 l/s

  • Capacity:  15 L

  • Height:     51.5cm

  • Accessories:   38mm

  • Cable:       5m

  • Carton:    51x43x52 cm

  • Branding:   Studio

This camera has altitude!


Introducing the Giraffe Camera.


A purpose built high-reach inspection camera to enable you to reach in to difficult spaces such as roof cavities, pipes and areas that are too high to reach.


Small and flexible to reach in to those difficult places.


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Wall Mount Vacuum Blue.jpg

Otta Wall Vacuum

This is our latest product in our OTTA line of vacuum cleaners. This is the OTTA Wall Vacuum Cleaner designed to be mounted on a garage or workshop wall and very easy to use.


Pullman 30L Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner WD30BV1

The Pullman 30L Wet & Dry Canister is a versatile vacuum which is packed full of features that ensure efficiency and a high-quality performance.

The flexible design allows you to clean a variety of surfaces and remove various kinds of dirt and debris quickly and effectively.

The 30L capacity is ideal for tough cleaning tasks and large spaces while an onboard blower is used to blow away dust and other small particles from rough surfaces where vacuuming is not possible.

This is a great machine for workshops, garages and hotels amongst other locations where having the versatility of a wet and dry vacuum is essential to maintain overall cleanliness.

  • Wet and dry capabilities

  • Variable suction control — simply slide the regulator on the handle to adjust the suction power

  • Auto clean button to automatically help clean the filters

  • Blower function to clean hard to reach locations or where vacuuming is not possible

  • Extra power outlet allows you to attach a power tool and then use the vacuum as an extractor while you work

  • Dust fill indicator lets you know when to empty


Power                       1200W
Tank Capacity           30L
Cord Length              7M
Net Weight                9.5kg
Size Compatibility     32mm
Warranty                   1 year


Wet Floor Tool 31155724
Gulper Tool 32mm 31155723
Dusting Brush 31155726
Crevice Tool 31155725


Nilfisk Aero Vacuum Cleaner Wet/Dry 25l L Class

AERO 26 is the featuring model of the AERO series with high focus on application and end-user needs. Push&Clean filter cleaning system and exhaust air blow function is found on all models together with flexible and convenient accessory storage. The 25 liter machine has efficient suction performance and is available with optional cable rewind system. Power socket with AutoOnOff is found on (-21) models, which activates the machine by the connected drilling, sanding or cutting tool. The AERO 26 offers great help keeping both air and surroundings clean and reducing the overall sound level.

Being compact, light-weight and robust, the AERO wet and dry vacuum cleaner can easily be transported to any location, e.g. by car. After finishing your job, the container can nice and easily be emptied - either by dispose the standard fleece filter bag or tipping the container by the lifting handle. The Push&Clean filter cleaning system prevents loss of performance and increase productivity during the cleaning task. An innovative storage solution makes it easy to place suction hose, nozzles and power cord in several positions and the built-in 2-points tube parking makes operation easy and flexible.

AERO 26 is also available with L-class certification with extra suction power and safety features, practical tool compartment and variable speed control - the perfect choice for professionals working with power tools. M Class filters preferred and available.

AERO 26 is compact and easy to use - the ideal choice for smaller cleaning jobs in workshops or at customer sites. It is a light-weight and robust machine for workers within industry, automotive and building & construction featuring ergonomic design, semi-automatic filter cleaning and convenient storage.


- Washable PET fleece filter with minimum 99.9% filtration efficiency
- MultiFit accessory system for ultimate flexibility
- Convenient accessory/cable storage and tool deposit
- Exhaust air blow function (found on (-21) and (-01) models
- Flexible rubber strap for hose storage
- Optional cable rewind model
- L-class model with variable speed control



Model No - 107420042
Airflow rate (l/min.) - 3600
Vacuum (mbar/kPa) - 210/21
Power Pmax (W) - 1250
Power Piec (W) - 1000
Working sound level (dB(A)) - 61
Container volume (l-max) - 25
Mains connection (V/~/Hz/A) - 240/1/50-60/10
Weight (kg) - 10
El cable (m) - 7.5
Main filter type - PET

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