Pullman Commander 900 Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

Pullman Advance Commander 900 is specifically designed for Commercial Cleaners. It has been equipped with professional grade HEPA13 Exhaust filter, European made Domel High Efficiency motor, Large 5.5L Dust Bin a/nd Patented Vortex Filter Chamber. The patented vortex filter chamber design removes the need for a filter cone, thus providing full use of the dust storage capacity, perfect for cleaning large areas efficiently.

The Pullman Advance Commander 900 features the world’s largest vortex filter dust chamber with efficient HEPA filtration that maintains continuous air flow even when the dust bag is full, resulting in No loss of suction. The motor is claimed to be quiet but no decibel ratings are given to compare  With duo operation modes: ECO and BOOST it can operate at optimum levels regardless of floor type.

This is the world’s only backpack with patented Anti- Vibration Absorbers (AVA), which eliminate the transfer of motor vibrations through the harness and to your back.

Features: (Patented)

  • Large 5.5L Dust Bin & Vortex Filter Chamber
  • Blower Port
  • Exhaust Air Vent Design
  • Anti- Vibration Absorbers
  • Flexible Cord Restraint
  • Gulper Floor-tool with ball bearing wheels
  • Soft Rubber Bumper
  • Professional Grade HEPA13 Exhaust Filter

Comes With/Accessories:

  •  1 x 5.5L Capacity Reusable Cloth Bag
  • -5 x 5.5L Capacity Disposable Paper Dust Bag
  • -2 Years of Warranty
  • -35 mm system 2 pcs Aluminum Wands

Pullman Commander