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www.citybags.nzIf you need garbage bags, bin liners or wipes then you need to visit our sister site City Bags.

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The City Never Sleeps . . .

As each day passes ‘The City’ generates waste. Always has, always will . . .

Waste is gathered in bags, be it liners, rubbish bags or heavy-duty garbage bags.

All waste ends up in a bin or in a bag – household waste, oce, hospitality, food, medical, transportation, institution, factory and poop waste – the bag awaits its final journey from street side, dockside or city alley . . . to the recycler.

www.citybags.nzInescapable . . . and the process repeats.

City Garbage Bags Ltd (the new kid on the block) have supply partnered with ELKA IMPORTS, Australia’s largest, long established disposable bag company, partnered to bring and develop a focused, practical, commonsense based garbage bag – sales, service and supply network to New Zealand.

Focus . . read single-minded !

Garbage bags, plastic garbage bags in this time and age, have a duty to tick as many boxes as are practical and positive.

* Strength * Range * Footprint * Price * Service * Responsibility * Information

The market and the customer are our judges.

‘In New Zealand, City Garbage Bags Ltd., partner with Vacuum Brands Ltd.’ – latest catalogue: here.

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