SkyCam™ Wireless Camera System

Why choose SkyCam:

  • Our System has been specifically designed to work Outdoors in harsh environments
  • Robust Construction
  • Water Proof Monitor and Camera ← exclusive to SkyCam™
  • Rubberized Drop Proof Protective Jacket ← exclusive to SkyCam™
  • Unique Zoom Facility ← exclusive to SkyCam™
  • On-Board Recording
  • New Charging Facility Allows You To Charge Both Monitor and Camera Simultaneously
  • Easy User Large Operational Buttons

The largest screen on the market for the portable wireless camera system is designed for portable and multi-functional use. Both monitor and camera have built-in rechargeable battery inside. Our cameras also have Night vision facility.

The added advantage of the system is the optional wireless colour camera and LCD screen monitor with built in Li-batteries that allows you to see inside the gutter from ground level ensuring nothing is missed.

The big benefit means no trailing wires or having to use a second man and pole for camera operations.

Our recordable monitor can even video/record directly onto a SD card to email your customers a great opportunity to secure a regular maintenance program

Our Camera systems are all & FC Compliant

New Features and options:

  1. Auto power feature – Monitor LCD will auto switch on when camera is powered on, and auto shut off when camera is powered off.
  2. Sun-blocking feature – when sun shines into the camera, system will block on the sun
  3. Video output feature – Video output function to connect the monitor video output to your TV.
  4. Bonus A/C adapter allow charge at home, not just on car
  5. Adjustable Focus for Close-Up filming

Advance new features only available for 3.5″ system – image and video recording:

  1. Monitor can capture Image (JPG) and Video (Video 720 x 480) in micro SD Card (Included in package).
  2. Zoom facility
  3. USB port connects to your PC to download image and video
  4. Full Colour 3.5” LCD Screen
  5. Robust design
  6. Up to 3 hours operational time from one charge
  7. Up to 35 hours video recording and 1,000 image capacity

Monitor specification

  • Video resolution 720 x 480
  • Receiving Frequency 2.4MHz
  • Rechargeable Li-battery 2hr time
  • Operational time 3 hours
  • Dimensions (W x D x H) 105 x 90 x 40mm
  • Weight:240g


  • Rechargeable Li-batteries inside
  • LED Night Vision Range 3 metres
  • Waterproof structure
  • Wireless Transmission Distance 75 metres