M 7 P / I / I Auto

Compact model designed to clean, wash and dry every type of textile surface.
Equipped with a 28 W pump, depression 0,95 l/min, pressure 4 bar. 7 litres removable cleaning agent tank. Separated pump control.

Max power rating :W 1300
Container capacity :l 22
Vacuum :mbar 240
Dim. :mm 500x380x485
Weight :Kg 10,2 – 10,6



M 9 P / I Auto

Max power rating :W 1300
Container capacity :l 35
Vacuum :mbar 240
Dim. :mm 650x495x825
Weight :kg 17



M 12 P Auto

Max power rating :W 2650
Container capacity :l 56
Vacuum :mbar 230
Dim. :mm 730x520x925
Weight :kg 25


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